Why You Should
Dining in the Dark!

There are many reasons apart
from the novelty factor!

It is a unique culinary experience. Food tastes very different without visual cues to pair with it. It heightens the senses of taste and smell. Food can be savored more.

It is a new way to appreciate the taste of food. We eat with our eyes much more than we realize. What we see flavors the taste in a large way. This is why many companies conduct blind taste tests. Without being able to see the food, taste becomes the most relevant sense.

Dining in the Dark gives you an appreciation of your vision. You will be more aware of what each of our senses does for us, your perspective will be broadened.

Dark dining enhances the imagination. You must use your mind to envision what the food on your plate looks like.

Meals are one of the top bonding time for people. What better bonding experience could there be than sharing a meal with someone in the dark? You will be enjoying not only food, but the entertainment of the situation!

You will enjoy one of the most fun and unique dining experiences, but you will also be supporting our mission to find the cure for LCACRB1!



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